Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Burmese blogger Nay Phone Latt has been nominated in 'The 100 most influential people in the world' of TIME magazine

May 2010,
I was in a cafe reading magazine-the time I treasure in life. A friend called me and said 'Did you read the TIME? There's a Burmese in 100 list' I was so surprised and looked up the page with full of excitement.
I did read like Steve Jobs,Didier Drogba, Lady Gaga ...first.When I read about them, I got a strong motive force and felt great. After I'd read about NPL,my feelings blurred....'I must be proud of that?...Or afraid of it?...Or.....? My mind drifted back to my childhood while I was playing as a soldier with friends. We are shouting 'We are Americans..move..move..let
's go-the words that I could use in practice.' I dipped into the thought of why we didn't say we are Burmese even at this very young age of life.why...?....why ? ? ?

The following is the article from TIME.....

Nay Phone Latt
Imprisoned voice of a generation
BY Salman Rushdie

There are two photos of NPL that I love.In the first one,he's in a vacant lot flying a kite.In the other, he's standing in front of a wall-size King Kong vs. Godzilla poster, Godzilla lunging for his right ear. Looking at these,it takes no great leap to guess what he is:a poet and a blogger.And since he lives in Burma, you can guess what else he is: a prisoner.The recipient of this year's PEN/Barbara Goldsmith Freedom to Write Award,NPL,29, is the voice of a generation of Burmese who are finding ways
around an aging regime's desperate censorship.When the junta there cracked down on Buddhist-monk-led demonstrations in 2007 and restrictied press coverage, NPL's blog was a go-to source for international journalists. For this, he was arrested and is serving 12 years.As Burma charts its future in this crucial year,what it really needs is kite flyers who stand up to giants. Will the generals let him go free?

Rushdie is a novelist

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