Hi there ...!!!
I'm Aung Myo Thu. The following words will serve you as a brief introduction about my professional work, experiences and interests. I got my Bachelor and Master degrees in Aerospace Engineering from Yangon Technological University. I'm currently doing research for my Ph.D. degree here at Aerospace Information Engineering Department in Konkuk University ( Seoul, Republic of Korea).Since childhood, the only thing I could draw's a sketch of a helicopter. However, I didn't notice that I would be such an Aerodynamicist until when I changed my subject from Electronic Engineering to Aerospace Engineering early in my university life. I was very lucky that I could change my field of study then.As the time goes by, I have been enjoying all aspects of Aerodynamics and loving it. Nowadays, I'm working with quite a new technique called PSP (Pressure Sensitive Paint) to analyze the flow over a delta and double delta wing and dynamic stall problem. I also have a chance to work with PIV (Particle Image Velocimetry) as well. I'm currently working on a project called 'Dynamic Stall Physics'. Understanding is a key to improve anything, therefore, I'm putting all of my labor in exploring the flow physics of dynamic stall process, which plays a vital role in developing rotorcraft and stealth helicopters.
In the future, I would like to work closely with car industries in designing aerodynamically efficient cars that penetrate surrounding air smoothly and quietly with minimum fuel consumption.  I also would like to use my knowledge in developing PAVs (personal air vehicles). Apart from that, my heart goes to helping the needy and I have been working partly for them under the name of Youth Initiative Group. As we lives in a community, we can't walk alone. I can't ignore the people who are having difficulties even for a handful of food.
If you want to help them with me or have questions in the same field of study, don't hesitate to send an email to ricky2020@gmail.com.


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