• Reviewer        
       Sharing knowledge is the best thing one can share in life. That's why I accepted 
        Professor Budiyono's request to serve as a reviewer for the two international journals, 
        which have high reputations in the business. I share my expertise in reviewing 
        submitted papers and giving suggestions to young researchers.                

  • Youth Initiative Group
          Founded a local NGO (Y.I.G) with a group of people in order to help the needy    
        people in Myanmar. There are a lot of achievements under the name of this group. 
        Among them, the significant ones are giving loan to HIV patients to start a small 
        business and supporting children's education.

  • Dhammaduta Center (Korea)
       I devote my free time to a religious center named "Dhammaduta Center" which 
        sprays a peaceful teachings of Buddha over Myanmar in Korea. It's a kind of invaluable 
        pleasure when I can help others hear dhamma. I strongly recommend anyone do the 
        same deed if one wants to have serene pleasure.

  • Freelance Writer
       I started my writing career in 2009 in "The Voice Weekly Journal" and later,    
        some of my articles have appeared in "The Yangon Times". If I write something, I 
        really mean it and I honestly believe that my articles and books are noteworthy, 
        edifying, helpful for people and especially for my country. There always must be 
        something to learn in them. 

  • Korea : A Colorful Lotus Dancing in its Own Rhythm
    Millennium Windows Publishing
    January 1, 2013
    A book which tries to give information about Korea was published on 1st January 2013. Readers can learn about the country and its people reading this book. The word 'Korean Wave' has been the most successful ten letters word that has been shaking our society these days. In this book, you can see a closer look up of Koreans and Korean society as well.

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  1. Wow!! You've been pursuing great jobs! I'm always proud of you, buddy. You were born to shine and brighten the corner where you are! :)



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